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Month: October, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

by Baz

Photo above was taken with my Nikon D800 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G (My old film camera <3)

Well, guys, I reactivated both my OKCupid and POF accounts. I did a lot of thinking about this, and I believe that my expectations for finding “the one” were incredibly wayyyyyyy too hasty. I deactivated both my accounts after three dates on OKCupid and zero on POF. Though the dates were either horrible or I just wasn’t feeling her, I’m (almost) certain that there are tons of fun, awesome, and good-natured chicks to be found. Until I figure out how to weed out the “good” from the “bad”, I won’t be messaging excessively. Hell, I don’t even know if I’ll be messaging any time soon.

After signing onto POF, I’m already getting women that want to “Meet Me” in person. Sweet, huh? Unfortunately, ALL of these women are wearing those ugly ass sunglasses that cover the entirety of their face. How am I supposed to superficially judge them when I can’t even see their face? How am I supposed to know that they’re not a cyclops, that they’re not breaking out all over, or that they actually have a face for that matter? These are some of things I think about. And the last one posed with her three kids. What the fuck is that shit? How the hell do you expect a 24-year old dude to manage you, your three kids, and myself? Gawd damn it.

Though I”m active on both of these websites again, I will hardly rely on them. Meeting a potential partner in-person is just that much better. Rarely will there be any form of shallowness or misuse of the words “their” and “there”.

Anyway, tips are always welcome. Especially from the women. If you need a guy’s advice, hit me up.


The Binge

by Baz

I recently binged on technology and bought myself a new MacBook Pro and a Galaxy SIII, both terribly expensive items. My old MacBook was still relatively new but somehow fell off its high-horse, leaving me unable to update it and therefore causing it to be ridiculously slow and incompatible with a few programs that I desperately needed to use. My Galaxy SIII was my very first smartphone purchase, finally enabling me to use internet on-the-go. With T9 texting out of the way, I’m slowly becoming accustomed to the touchpad, though autocorrect is currently pissing me off at the moment.

What can I say after all of this? Well, I definitely feel “connected” to the world. Life has become a bit easier to deal with, as I can quickly check email, my blog, and various other websites with the touch of an app. I can even use GPS and snap high quality photos with a gorgeous 8 MP camera.

I’m really grateful for both of my new toys. Really, I am. But I’ve noticed a few lifestyle changes as well. With the new computer around, I feel as if I’ve always been on it. I haven’t been anti-social per se, but I’m easily conforming to loner-satus much more than I used to. Everything is so fast; programs are downloaded with ease, and switching between websites online occurs in less than a second. It seems that all I want to do is download shit, stream on Hulu, and download some more. Geezus. Also, with the new phone, I hardly pay attention to the world around me. I used to “people watch” all of the time. Wherever I went, and when I had to wait for a friend, I would always check out the crowd or browse the shops around me. Now, you’ll more than likely find me on a bench with my eyes glued to my phone. I used to study and pay attention in class. And I used to write with pens and pencils to jot down notes of random things in my life. None of this occurs as much as it used to. I’ve literally immersed myself with my generation in a matter of a week.

The binge on technology will help me. I believe it to be so. Because I’ve become connected to the world, I’m quickly associating myself with Facebook (and FB Messenger), Yelp, and Instagram. People that I haven’t talked to in ages are already adding me as friends and liking my photos. They’re also commenting on my photos as if we’ve never stopped talking (which we did in high school). It’s amazing, because now I can easily ask someone to hang out via Facebook, Yelp or Instagram.

But after using them so much, and figuring out the many whimsical things about them, I’ve begun to see how trite they really are. I’m tired of checking my social media every few minutes because of a notification. I want to own the phone, not have the phone own me. Ya feel me, world? From now on, I plan to keep the new toys at bay and experience life. Not as a robot, but as a human being. Plus, my data is running out, so I need to keep that shit on check.

by Thought Catalog

This is so amazing

Roman Eyes

by Baz

Photo above was taken with my new Nikon D800 🙂

There’s this chick in class that loves to glance over in my direction. I say “love” because she tends to do it a lot, or tries to unknowingly while my back is turned. During class, I usually miss the tilting of her head in my direction, but she always seems to catch my creepily-eyed gaze. It’s rather uncomfortable, because I feel as if I’m the oddball window shopping for something I’m too afraid to walk in and buy. Anyway, I think she has the gist that I’m a little into her. Now, let me tell you guys, this chick is incredibly beautiful in my eyes. She has this look that provides a certain seductiveness; something that draws me in. It’s really hard to put into words, but there’s definitely a gravitating aura to her. Some key things to note: She always sits alone; guys rarely, if ever, talk to her; she never talks to anyone; her grades are OK (as in B to B+ average).

The thing is, I’ve tried talking to her many times. Every time I start up a conversation with this girl, she always answers in one-word or few-word sentences. After that, I try to keep the conversation going with another question or two but she responds in the exact same way. When all is said and done, she never tends to bounce the questions in my court. Our little squabble soon fades away as if nothing ever happened. And this is why I’m confused. If she keeps looking in my direction, yet has no desire to hold a conversation with me, then what is her goal out of this? Honestly, I don’t get the feeling that she’s trying to stop the conversation. I just get the feeling that she’s an awful person to talk to (At the moment). My intuition’s up to par these days, and I can definitely tell if someone isn’t in the mood to converse, and I don’t think she is. Maybe, just maybe, she’s the type that needs a little bit of warming up before she exposes herself to another guy.

I’m still a guy, however, which means I’m pretty dull at reading a woman’s mind. I have no idea what’s going on in that brain of hers. I have a few theories, which are these: She’s attracted to me but is a poor conversationalist (I don’t think this may be true, because her responses are fairly clear, confident, and concise); she’s shy; she has no attraction to me but enjoys gazing in my direction; it takes her a long time to warm up to another; or she has a boyfriend.

Do you guys think I should bite the bullet and ask her out? For dinner? Or to study?