Roman Eyes

by Baz

Photo above was taken with my new Nikon D800 🙂

There’s this chick in class that loves to glance over in my direction. I say “love” because she tends to do it a lot, or tries to unknowingly while my back is turned. During class, I usually miss the tilting of her head in my direction, but she always seems to catch my creepily-eyed gaze. It’s rather uncomfortable, because I feel as if I’m the oddball window shopping for something I’m too afraid to walk in and buy. Anyway, I think she has the gist that I’m a little into her. Now, let me tell you guys, this chick is incredibly beautiful in my eyes. She has this look that provides a certain seductiveness; something that draws me in. It’s really hard to put into words, but there’s definitely a gravitating aura to her. Some key things to note: She always sits alone; guys rarely, if ever, talk to her; she never talks to anyone; her grades are OK (as in B to B+ average).

The thing is, I’ve tried talking to her many times. Every time I start up a conversation with this girl, she always answers in one-word or few-word sentences. After that, I try to keep the conversation going with another question or two but she responds in the exact same way. When all is said and done, she never tends to bounce the questions in my court. Our little squabble soon fades away as if nothing ever happened. And this is why I’m confused. If she keeps looking in my direction, yet has no desire to hold a conversation with me, then what is her goal out of this? Honestly, I don’t get the feeling that she’s trying to stop the conversation. I just get the feeling that she’s an awful person to talk to (At the moment). My intuition’s up to par these days, and I can definitely tell if someone isn’t in the mood to converse, and I don’t think she is. Maybe, just maybe, she’s the type that needs a little bit of warming up before she exposes herself to another guy.

I’m still a guy, however, which means I’m pretty dull at reading a woman’s mind. I have no idea what’s going on in that brain of hers. I have a few theories, which are these: She’s attracted to me but is a poor conversationalist (I don’t think this may be true, because her responses are fairly clear, confident, and concise); she’s shy; she has no attraction to me but enjoys gazing in my direction; it takes her a long time to warm up to another; or she has a boyfriend.

Do you guys think I should bite the bullet and ask her out? For dinner? Or to study?