Out with the old, in with the new

by Baz

Photo above was taken with my Nikon D800 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G (My old film camera <3)

Well, guys, I reactivated both my OKCupid and POF accounts. I did a lot of thinking about this, and I believe that my expectations for finding “the one” were incredibly wayyyyyyy too hasty. I deactivated both my accounts after three dates on OKCupid and zero on POF. Though the dates were either horrible or I just wasn’t feeling her, I’m (almost) certain that there are tons of fun, awesome, and good-natured chicks to be found. Until I figure out how to weed out the “good” from the “bad”, I won’t be messaging excessively. Hell, I don’t even know if I’ll be messaging any time soon.

After signing onto POF, I’m already getting women that want to “Meet Me” in person. Sweet, huh? Unfortunately, ALL of these women are wearing those ugly ass sunglasses that cover the entirety of their face. How am I supposed to superficially judge them when I can’t even see their face? How am I supposed to know that they’re not a cyclops, that they’re not breaking out all over, or that they actually have a face for that matter? These are some of things I think about. And the last one posed with her three kids. What the fuck is that shit? How the hell do you expect a 24-year old dude to manage you, your three kids, and myself? Gawd damn it.

Though I”m active on both of these websites again, I will hardly rely on them. Meeting a potential partner in-person is just that much better. Rarely will there be any form of shallowness or misuse of the words “their” and “there”.

Anyway, tips are always welcome. Especially from the women. If you need a guy’s advice, hit me up.