Diving in!

by Baz

Bombay Beach, California. I took this with a Nikon D800 and 16-35mm f/4.

Remember that girl, Roman Eyes, I was recently talking about? Well, I think I’m finally falling for her. Though she still offers that precarious and annoying presence, I have considered (and accepted) to take it easy and pursue, regardless of how long it takes. To be perfectly honest with everyone, this is both a new and weird feeling for me. Why? I’m new to this game called  “The Chase”. I’d rather have a mutual flow between us, if that’s somewhat understandable. The women I’ve met in the past have always hinted largely at what they’ve wanted, or in some cases, have initiated everything on their own.  Now that we casually talk in-between class and lecture, she’s finally opening up a little bit more to me. A few weeks back, this woman would always answer me in one-word or few-word sentences. Now, however, I’m getting full, complete sentences! Progress, right?!

Tomorrow we’re scheduled to study for four hours before class. That’s a really long time, I know. It may be too long, but I’ve certainly been studying up on the material so that I could potentially help her out if she needs it (Which she will, seeing as her grade dropped considerably after the last test). I’m surprising her with a homemade salad, too, a lunch that no one could ever really decline. I mean, it’s healthy, it’s filling, and it’s made with love. Plus, who in their right mind could stay on campus for six hours and not eat a single meal? Also, I plan to ask her out on date as well. Maybe for a Pizookie at BJs after class? Something simple, and in the realm of dessert, because it’s pretty apparent that women dislike eating in front of a guy they barely know.