9 signs you’re falling for someone

by Baz

Photo above: The Lost Bean coffee shop in Tustin, California. I took this with a Nikon D800 and 50mm f/1.4

1. When you receive a text from your mom, your best friend, or your work offering you overtime pay, you pretty much sigh because none of that matters right now. All that matters is that you receive that text from the hottie you want to ask out.

2. After receiving that text, you dissect it hundreds of times, opening and closing your message inbox, hoping that you’ll finally figure out what it really means. Each letter, each sentence, and each emoticon must be carefully analyzed before sending that reply back… ’cause if you don’t, you just might screw up this potential relationship. Who knew that  “What time are we studying? :)” was actually an honest question. Shame on them for screwing with our hearts.

3. Seeing them makes you feel infinitely better, and at the same time, you hope that them seeing you makes them feel exactly the same way.

4. Life tends to be more purposeful with them around. Even though you hate the class you’re in with them, you inherently begin to study increasingly more, just so you don’t flunk out and miss your chances of seeing their beautiful face.

5. Knowing when you’ll see your crush next, you start dressing sexier, cleaner, and more seductive. “Oh, it’s Wednesday today!” Time to shave, wear my Sperry’s, and put on those expensive pair of chinos from J. Crew…

6. Whenever they talk to a member of the opposite sex, regardless of them being their sibling, best friend, or classmate, you become disgustingly jealous and give them the stink eye. Like, dude, GTFO and stop cock blocking me.

7. Making them smile or laugh makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something for the day. Seriously, though, a smile from your crush is the ultimate heart-melter.

8. Their deodorant, body spray, and overall scent must be what the gods of Greece smelled like. The smell of your crush is always uplifting and noticeable, no matter where you are, or how stuffy your nose is. Also, at the same time, you begin to fervently smell yourself, hoping that the new Axe body spray is actually doing its job.

9. “Lovefool” by The Cardigans is your new favorite song.