Why Every Relationship Matters

by Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog

Remember that girl in high school that refused to date while in high school because the guys are all too immature? I always laughed at this sentiment as it expressed the sheer definition of immaturity; trying too hard to be mature.

But these types of people also miss a central conceit of romance, even in the zygotic cesspool of dating before college. While most people would say they date because they want to find “the one” or at least someone they could get along with for lengthy periods of time, dating is actually far more complicated than that. Each relationship you have had before ended for any number of reasons: they (or you) were too clingy, too distant, too irrational, to coldly rational, owned way too many tarantulas, owned way too many DVD box sets of One Tree Hill. They weren’t ready, you weren’t ready. They didn’t have enough…

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